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At Dare Planet we are known for being daring, non-conformist and disruptive people.

This is our culture code

Open Culture

Alternative Practices

Fearless of change

Paradigm Challenge

We have the 'I want to work here' label

Granted by our firm commitment to this line:


Flexible scheduling - Freedom/Self-Management


Location flexibility - Digital Nomads


Remote work as part of our DNA


Commitment to Work-Life Balance - Family Responsible Company

We treasure time!

Our philosophy is to Optimize to Reconcile

Our priority is you

We hear you

We do periodic Checkpoints every 6 months, at Dare Planet Technology we believe that “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”.

We have an Employee Assistance Program: What are you worried about? How are you feeling? How can we help you?

No-Door Policy

We are based on accessibility, proximity and communication.

Healthcare promotion

Through sports, physical and mental well-being.

Individualized accompaniment

We design your tailor-made career plan with personalized itineraries.

We promote knowledge

Sharing is living

Dare Planet Technology is made up of multidisciplinary professionals and experts who are catalysts of information which anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, can access.

Learning platform

We have a platform to access training and even request new training not included.

Intra-team and cross-team mentoring

We carry out personal mentoring processes in the teams and transversally across the company.


All people are 100% supported in acquiring certifications.

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