SRE Services, Architecture and Cloud Optimization

Ready for Transformation

Digital transformation, standardization and reliability are key elements of the SRE model.

This model aims to create a harmonized environment for design, development, delivery, integration and automation.

Its main focus is reliability to create scalable and reliable systems by applying best software engineering practices to infrastructure and operations problems.

We are sure that you have faced a similar situation.

Limited Scope

Lack of technological vision beyond the current technological ecosystem of your company.

Expertise Lacking

There is a general lack of best practices in your team and little knowledge of the tools in use.

Excessive Expenses

Expenses are excessive due to the lack of optimization of the platforms being used by your organization.

Limited Communication

There is poor or no fluidity of communication between the different departments.

Weak Technology Strategy

There is a lack of foresight and visibility on the performance and utilization of technical resources.

Different Tools

Common enterprise-wide tools are not available or visible to the entire organization.

Why SRE Services, Architecture and Cloud Optimization?

Cloud Transition

Support the transition of teams from a traditional IT operations approach to a cloud-native one.

Reliability Improvement

Increase the reliability of a system on the spot and its growth over time, as well as the reliability of services by reducing IT time for each application developed.

Smooth Communication

Eliminate communication and workflow problems, within a team and within the organization.

Our Mission

To achieve the component and tool standardization to facilitate the work of the teams and support them in the digital transformation.

How do we do it?

With knowledge and experience in these technologies

Our Method


Solutions designed and built for you

We provide you a team with proven knowledge in infrastructure, security, development and operations. With special emphasis on best practices focused on adding value to tools and platforms.

We have structured a series of services that allow us to organize all the support, through corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the current and future situation.

Dare Planet Technology’s SRE teams have extensive experience in standardizing components and technologies while applying agile methodologies at enterprise level.

We are in responsible for auditing and advising on the use of the resources contracted in the different platforms, offering solutions that optimize the economic costs.


Architectural Design

Platform Homologation

Agile Methodologies

Process Automation / Continuous Integration

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