Observability World

The peace of mind of having my systems and information under control

We collect, relate and enrich business data from different applications for agile, practical and effective decision making.

We monitor using different techniques such as instrumentation and tracking to collect, digest, correlate and analyze large volumes of application metrics.

In addition to our services, we have two accelerator solutions focused on business observability and technical monitoring.

These are our Accelerator Solutions

Fastkeeper: Business Observability Accelerator

Fastkeeper is the accelerator solution to implement observability and control all your business events.

This solution gathers, captures, retains and enriches hundreds, thousands or millions of business events to provide a global view of the status of business processes and KPIs.

Smartflow: Technical Monitoring Accelerator

Smartflow is a powerful accelerator composed of a set of tools framed in technical monitoring and extensively tested in critical high-performance environments.

These are the services of the Observability World

IT for IT Services

IT for IT provides an intelligent service that allows to establish a predictive model in the analysis of the behavior of applications and tools.

It also allows the configuration of alerts, incident management and support to deal with all types of anomalies.

SRE Services, Architecture and Cloud Optimization

SRE specialists have proven expertise in monitoring the performance of applications and systems to ensure a good service.

This will allow you to reduce the time of development teams thanks to monitoring.

Tools and Analytics Implementation Services

All teams involved in observability areas have extensive experience in real-time data processing tools.

These services include both technical and business data analysis, as well as the implementation of monitoring tools.

DevSecOps Services

We know that on several instances technologies involved in your infrastructure do not work properly, and many incidents or problems are impossible to be detected.

In many cases, these errors are due to misconfiguration or undetected security breaches.

Our Mission

Improve your customers' experience by helping you to understand the status and performance of applications and business processes.

We are sure that you have faced a similar situation.

You don't get enough out of your tools

A technical observability solution/platform already exists, although it is not being fully exploited. Problems of data and information availability, integration problems, problems of lack of usefulness of data.


You don't know what's going on, you want to see it and react quickly, but the information is scattered.

Problems with your information

There are inconsistent data and different values in different systems that generate problems in the different areas of the company and in the services offered to customers.

Lack of global vision

Business information is not globally visible to the company, which causes knowledge gaps with the loss of time that this brings with it.

How do we do it?

With knowledge and experience in these technologies

Our Method

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