We have partnered with Sysdig to strengthen DevSecOps services

Security has become a fundamental element to achieve an agile development and, throughout the software development life cycle, vulnerabilities and security flaws may appear, causing extra efforts and problems at final deployment time.

At Dare Planet Technology we launch DevSecOps services, guaranteeing a fast and secure delivery of the code, always complying with the Continuous Delivery philosophy.

Our main goal is to improve security in areas such as development and operations, without losing focus on best practices integrated as always in DevOps and Cloud environments.

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We want to improve the security of applications and infrastructure in cloud environments.

The main trend in recent years is to evolve towards Cloud-Native, with DevOps practices (CI/CD), microservices (containers/K8s) and Infrastructure as code in the cloud.

We have partnered with Sysdig

In order to support our new service with the highest possible quality and ensure rapid incident resolution, we partnered with Sysdig.

Ensuring the integration of security processes throughout the software development lifecycle, all without affecting DevOps and CI/CD practices, detecting and blocking vulnerabilities from start to finish.

In the same way, we seek and manage to unify security and monitoring in the same platform, avoiding extra efforts and allowing you to have your entire ecosystem of cloud technologies under control.

What makes this alliance different?

Sysdig developed a proprietary tool, called Falco, an open standard for runtime threat detection for containers, Kubernetes and the cloud.

It allows to scan in real time possible vulnerabilities and threats in containerization tools derived from working in cloud environments.

Our experience working with tools such as Kubernetes or Docker in Cloud environments such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, tells us that having a centralized tool in this varied technological ecosystem provides peace of mind and security.

We will know that our workflow will be supported by this security solution that detects and responds to threats that may arise in the cloud.

What do DevSecOps services involve?

We know firsthand that incorporating security processes into the software development life cycle involves a major change of mentality and processes.

New tools, new processes have to be incorporated and the actions to be taken, most of the times, are done in a reactive way, in the last phases of development.

It usually causes an extra effort of all the teams involved in these implementations.

Likewise, there are different very common situations such as the risk derived from a migration to the cloud, the multitude of tools available, the malfunctioning of the technologies involved in the infrastructure which, at the same time, cause slowness and confusion in the determination of incidents, as well as the late detection of problems as already mentioned above.

This last problem causes the vulnerabilities and problems generated to creep during the development cycle of the application, complicating its deployment and causing last minute problems.

For all these reasons, we want to offer you a solution that does not harm your workflow and allows you to unify configurations, users and tools on a single platform.

  • Detect Threats and Vulnerabilities.
  • Unify Platforms and Tools.
  • Accelerate Secure Cloud Adoption.

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