Security for Agile Development

Throughout the software development lifecycle, the number of technologies, areas and people involved is increasing.

In DevOps and Cloud environments, where agile development is needed, vulnerabilities and security flaws are solved in a reactive way, which causes an extra effort from all teams involved.

DevSecOps ensures fast and secure code delivery, thus complying with the Continuous Delivery philosophy.

We are sure that you have faced a similar situation

Insufficient Cloud Evolution

You have just migrated your application to the cloud and you don't know how to manage the risk or if it is secure. Processes, people and tools have changed and you no longer have the same sense of security.

Too Many Tools

Confidence in all toolkits used by development and operations areas is weak.

Infrastructure Slowness

Technologies involved in your infrastructure are not working properly and it is impossible to determine the cause of these incidents.

Late Problem Detection

Vulnerabilities and security issues are carried over throughout the development cycle and are detected closer to deployment stages.

Why DevSecOps?

Vulnerability Detection

Throughout the entire software development lifecycle, we can prioritize critical vulnerabilities. We detect suspicious behavior during runtime.

Platform Unification

Unifying security and monitoring in one platform without extra effort is a distinguishing task, allowing you to have your entire ecosystem of cloud technologies under control.

Set-up Mistakes

It is essential to detect and to identify misconfigurations in the infrastructure sources, as well as in the different technologies and cloud services deployed.


Build security throughout the entire development lifecycle, ensuring that DevOps environments keep working smoothly.

How do we do it?

With knowledge and experience in these technologies

Our Model


Solutions designed and built for you

We provide you a team with proven knowledge in infrastructure, security, development and operations. With special emphasis on best practices focused on adding value to tools and platforms.

DevSecOps services allow us to detect vulnerabilities and threats throughout the entire software development life cycle, allowing Development and Operations areas to continue performing their tasks smoothly.

We will accompany and advise you on the use of the different platforms and technologies involved in development, offering solutions and contributions in terms of security that allow the optimization of all your processes.


Vulnerability Detection and Lockdown

Multi-Cloud Security Integration

Identification and Fixing of Configuration Errors

Error Resolution Automation

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