Empresas DevOps

Why keep waiting so long?

In traditional software development models, business agility was reduced due to inefficient and slow software release and deployment.

The most talented developers were wasted with low-level tasks and did not reach their full potential.

Now DevOps has changed the rules of the game.

What does the DevOps World bring to the table?

Continuous Delivery

The DevOps World allows to reduce launch times thanks to continuous delivery.

Flexible Deployment

Our flexible deployment allows us to adapt to your business rhythm improving your business efficiency.

Solid Units

Dare Planet Technology's DevOps teams are able to diagnose and solve problems immediately.

Avoid Contingencies

Reduce all gaps between environments, thus avoiding all unforeseen events that may arise on a day-to-day basis.

Fluent Feedback

Thanks to our DevOps World, all development and operations teams will be in a continuous contact.

Auditable Control

We generate confidence because all features and new versions are 100% auditable.

These are all
DevOps World Services

Software Development Services in DevOps and Cloud environments

Our development teams have proven knowledge and experience in both areas of DevOps: Development and Operations.

We achieve higher productivity thanks to improved teamwork and higher reliability thanks to parallel testing during development

SRE Services, Architecture and Cloud Optimization

SRE teams are able to support the transition of teams from a traditional IT operations environment to a cloud-native one, thanks to their best practices and expertise in the DevOps world.

We are experts in DevOps best practices in areas such as communication, distribution, integration and automation.

IT for IT Services

IT for It is an intelligent and self-organized service that takes as standard the principles of the DevOps World to create a predictive model based on continuous improvement and optimization of the technology area, as a fundamental support to the business.

This working method has allowed us to create a rebalancing system in the use of the agreed effort. You can say goodbye to the SLA-based model, we are focused on the actions to be performed.

DevSecOps Services

We know that the integration of security practices throughout the Software Development Life Cycle is often a difficult task due to the new processes and people involved.

We make sure that technologies, processes and people involved develop their activity without agile principles being affected by security best practices and solutions.

Our Mission

To help you implementing the DevOps World in your organization in a safe, progressive and uncertainty-free way.

How the DevOps World Works

Our teams work remotely and distributed with large national and international companies.

We are a pole of attraction for the best talent, wherever it is, which allows us to have the best DevOps engineers and create the best teams to offer our customers high-value services.

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