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One feature of DevOps is that it makes the development and operations teams work together, integrating better the work of both.

In this way, possible problems in the operations area can be expected during development and, on the other hand, operations teams benefit from the knowledge and changes that emerge during development from the very beginning.

We are sure that you have faced a similar situation

Insufficient Integration

DevOps engineers, on the one hand, do not know the development world, and on the other hand, developers do not know the DevOps area and its particularities. As a consequence, there is not a complete integration between development and operations.

Pointless Architectures

Approaches to use DevOps without first evaluation in which architectures it makes sense.

Each project has its own rules

Different development projects often work with different DevOps methods, practices and operations.

Additional Effort

The implementation of best practices is not having the expected success, which carries an added effort.

Why Development Services in DevOps & Cloud environments?

Fast deployment

You will implement faster by focusing on the business and being more effective from the IT departments.

Tested reliability

Thanks to parallel testing during development, you will have greater reliability in all deployments.

Higher productivity

Arising from the improvement of teamwork, it avoids departmental gridlock and increases the ability of teams to solve problems.

Our Mission

To implement development and operations policies enabling the integration of the Dev world and the Ops world (CICD).

How do we do this?

With knowledge and experience in these technologies

Our method

Development team

Development and Operations policy

Operations team


Solutions designed and built for you

We put at your disposal a team with proven knowledge of both DevOps areas: Development and Operations. With special emphasis on best practices, regulations and components necessary for the development of DevOps environments.

We have structured a series of services that allow you to organize all the changing needs in development in a clear, fast, simple and tangible way.

Dare Planet Technology’s development teams have extensive experience in reviewing development and operations policies, always looking for integration.

The agility in the work methodology of the teams provides the ability to decide on the scope of the service without having to renegotiate contracts with DevOps providers.


Application and Product Development

Project Management & PMO

Platform implementation and deployment

Policy integration with Development and Operations

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