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We guide you to the cloud by helping you maximize its value

Dare Planet’s main goal is to help Technology Departments to incorporate in their DNA: agility, speed of response, reliability and business value.

The development of cloud and embedded applications in a DevOps environment is a key component to achieve these goals.

Cloud World Services

SRE Services, Architecture and Cloud Optimization

SRE specialists join your teams to help you to acquire the necessary knowledge, avoid mistakes and apply best practices for the standardization of cloud components and technologies.

Software Development Services in DevOps and Cloud environments

We develop cloud applications for you with a project execution under agile methodologies.

We can also integrate into your teams as one of them and collaborate in your developments for as long as necessary.

IT for IT Services

We put at your disposal our engineers specialized in the technologies involved and in the problem to be solved in order to work with you in an agile way.

Our specialists have an impressive background of experience in multinational projects, wherever you are, they will integrate seamlessly.

DevSecOps Services

In cloud, multicloud or hybrid cloud environments, where the infrastructure is complex and the number of technologies is growing exponentially, it is essential to have a security support.

DevSecOps services allow us to continue growing with security, detecting vulnerabilities and preventing potential problems.

Our Mission

To support you in the Cloud Development and Optimization process by providing you with a business approach.

Development models have evolved and we have evolved with them

New ways in application development

Development of cloud applications involves new ways of creating them, using: containers, microservices, new architectures, hybrid clouds, serverless functions, agile development…

Above all, it involves a major change of mindset to develop and deliver faster, more reliable and with greater value for the business.

Technology Stack

Why should you adopt a Cloud model?

Every Cloud project is different but what they all have in common are the benefits they bring.

A company that bets on Cloud technologies, is a company that aims to enhance the business value of its IT area.





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